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Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Types of Ben 10 Toys Planned for 2011!

We've got some advance word on what Ben 10 toymaker Bandai America plans for 2010. We will continue to see some of our favorite lines of toys, and Bandai has ambitions to introduce entirely new types of Ben 10 toys next year. It would seem they have a lot of confidence that the show will remain strong into 2010.

Here is what we know so far, plans May Change:

4" Alien Collection - this line continues.

2.5" AlterAlien Figures - introduced this summer, they will continue

3" Egg Aliens - an entirely new type of Ben 10 toy, we may start to see these as early as December 2010.

7" Vinyl Aliens - another new line of Ben 10 toys, and we may also see these as early as December 2010.

6" DNA Alien Heroes - these will continue

Ben 10 Comic and Figures - introduced this summer, these will continue.

10" Transforming Tactiliens - wow a new line of large figures, no word on when they may appear.

1:64 Die Cast Alien Racers - a new line of Ben 10 toys that should appear in December 2010.

Ultimate Alien Vehicles + 4" Figure - seems to be a re-mashup of the alien rides. We may see these in December.

Deluxe Vehicle + 4" Figure - we will see these in Fall 2010.

Vuescope Ultimatrix continues
Disc Alien Untimatrix continues
Legacy Omnitrix continues

Alien DNA Reanimator - Comes in December 2010.

Alien Creation Chamber - continues
Alien Creation Transpoerter - continues

Alien Creation Laboratory - this is the big Ben 10 playset that we saw sketches of at the NY Toy Fair. Comes in December 2010. There will be TV ads for this so be ready.


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