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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gwen 10 Games Online

Gwen Tennyson is a feisty, intelligent 10 year old girl who seems completely at ease battling aliens, saving the earth or giving her cousin, Ben Tennyson, a dry, witty comeback. Unlike Ben, Gwen will think before she leaps into battle, often researching on her laptop. Her skills as a gymnast and her martial arts training ensure she is more than a match in a fight!

Gwen's ultimate gift is her "magical aura" and ability to use spells and magic artifacts to give her sometimes superhuman abilities.

A hero in her own right, Gwen will not fade quietly into the example to empower girls worldwide! You go girl!

Gwen 10

Gwen gets the Omnitrix and the power that comes with it. Meanwhile a very confused Ben must come to grips with his "new role" as he teams with Max and "Gwen10" to defeat Vilgax, who has come to Earth hoping to obtain the Omnitrix.

Gwen 10 Games Online

"Battle Ready (Pronto para a Batalha)", "Spore Attack (Ataque de Esporos)" e "Gwen: Cybernetic Fight (Luta Cibernética)".

Ben10 Alien Force Game: Enormossauro Força Gigante

Neste incrível jogo online flash grátis da série Ben 10 Força Alienígena (Ben10 Alien Force) exibida no Cartoon Network, você deve transformar-se no poderoso Enormossauro (Humungousaur) para enfrentar os terríveis DNAliens! Derrote os vilões enquanto avança num território cheio de obstáculos e surpresas. É hora do herói! (It's hero time!)


O Cartoon Network nos EUA anunciou a estréia da 3a fase da série BEN 10, agora chamada de BEN10: ULTIMATE ALIEN, para o dia 23 de abril de 2010 (Series Premiere - video acima).

Nessa terceira geração da franquia do desenho animado, o herói Benjamin Tennyson terá 16 anos e sua identidade secreta de super herói já não é mais segredo para o mundo. Ben10 estará usando um novo aparelho Omnitrix, o Ultimatrix, que lhe dará poderes para transformar-se em muitos aliens novos e inéditos.

Ben10: Ultimate Alien tem como produtor Glen Murakami (Jovens Titãs, O Batman), e os roteiros de Dwayne McDuffie (Liga da Justiça).

Como parte do lançamento da nova temporada de BEN 10, o Cartoon Network já disponibilizou o jogo online em flash baseado na série: BEN10 ULTIMATE CRISIS, que funciona em um brawler 3D após a instalação do plugin da UNITY.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien | Cosmic Destruction | Video Game

Here is a hero to everyone, but heros must remain vigilant because evil fears no one.

This fall in all new ultimate adventure awaits in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction the video game.

Experience more playable caracteres than ever before including Armodrillo, Waterhazard, Ampfibian, NRG and Terraspin. whith his speed, strenght and special attacks with a advanced alien upgrade system and for the first time ever unleash the power of the ultimatrix and fight epic new forces using utimate alien abilities.
It's time to go ultimate.

Ben 10: Alien Force Game Creator

The Ben 10: Alien Force Game Creator is a free games site that lets you build your own action games and send them to Cartoon Network's online game gallery for everyone to play. Or you can play games built by other kids, rate your favorites or share the games you make with your friends. Make your own game featuring Swampfire, Humongousaur, Jetray or Spidermonkey today!
O Criador de Jogos do Ben 10: Força Alien é um site gratuito de jogos que lhe permite construir seus próprios jogos de ação e enviá-los para a galeria de jogos online do Cartoon Network para que todos possam jogar. Ou então você pode brincar com os jogos construídos por outras crianças, colocá-los em seus favoritos ou compartilhá-los com os seus amigos. Faça hoje o seu próprio jogo com Swampfire (Fogo do Pântano), Humongousaur, Jetray (Raio a Jato) ou SpiderMonkey (Macaco Aranha) !

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Unofficial Description

Brainstorm is extremely intelligent, being able to project lightning and yellow energy fields using only his brain. He talks without opening his mouth, and is Ben's first accidental transformation. He seems to talk a lot, talking about stuff nobody knows about. He first appears in "Pier Pressure" then the next episode and so on. Brainstorm has made two appearances in Ben 10: Alien Force.

Omnitrix Version Modifications

no obvious modifications known

Future Alien Description

It has not been displayed as of yet

Child Alien Description

It has not been displayed as of yet

Advantages & Abilities

  • Can Control electricity at will
  • Can Shoot a focused beam that is much more accurate
  • Genius Level intellect
  • Project force fields over himself or others
  • In Game Creator can fit through small spaces
  • In Game Creator can shoot chain lightning

Disadvantages & Weaknesses

  • unknown

Sickness Effects

has not been displayed sick as of yet.

First Appearance

Pier Pressure


"Pier Pressure"
"What Are Little Girls Made Of"
"Darkstar Rising"
"War of the Worlds Part 2"
"Vengence of Vilgax Part 2"


Friday, July 16, 2010

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien – Ben 10 Get Upgrade

Long time ago i create post about new Ben 10 Series, Ben 10 Evolution. I made mistake in that post, new Ben 10 series will have title Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien will be aired on 23 April 2010, you see the schedule here. In this new series Ben will reveal him self to the world make him a great Hero. The new Ultimatrix give new access to new aliens and ultimate versions of his powerful heroes.

This is list of new ultimate alien on new Ben 10 series :

1. Big Chill

Big Chill Ben 10 Ultimate Alien


Power : Freeze Breathe, Flight, Invisibility

Ultimate Big Chill

Ultimate Big Chill Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Power : Ice Flame, Flight, Invisibility

2. Echo Echo

Echo - Echo


Power : Sonic Blasts, Self Duplication

Ultimate Echo Echo

Ultimate Alien Echo Echo

Power : Sonic Discs, Self Duplication

3. Humungousaur

Humungousaur Ben 10


Power : Super Strength, Grow to 60 ft

Ultimate Humungousaur

Ultimate Alien Humungousaur

Power : Super Strength, Missile Hands, Grow to 120 ft

4. Cannonbolt

Cannonbolt Ben 10


Power : Armored Shell, Spin Attack

Ultimate Cannonbolt

Ultimate Alien Cannonbolt

Power : Spike Armor, Spin Attack

5. Spidermonkey

Spidermonkey Ben 10


Power : Sticks to Walls, Shoots Webs

Ultimate Spidermonkey

Ultimate Alien Spidermonkey

Power : Super Strength, Sticks to Walls, Shoots Webs

6. Swampfire

Swampfire Ben 10


Power : Shoots Fire, Control Plants, Regenerates Body Parts

Ultimate Swampfire

Ultimate Alien Swampfire

Power : Fire Bombs, Control Plants, Regenerates Body Parts

7. Nanomech

Nanomech Ben 10

Species : UNKNOWN

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ripjaws Metamorfigure

Featuring aliens from the hit cartoon series "Ben 10".

The fish-like Ripjaws is an excellent swimmer! He has large tail fins, but he also has legs for use on land. His jaws and claws are very strong.

Metamorfigures transform from Alien to spy gear!

Ripjaws transforms into an awesome squirt gun!

Approx 8" scale figures.

For ages 4 and up. Ben 10 Metamorfigures by Bandai.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Terraspin Ben 10 Ultimate Alien UA Deluxe Toy Review

ance review of the Terraspin Deluxe Alien Action Figure for the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien". This UA toy is in the first wave of deluxe figures, others will include UA Ultimate Spidermonkey.

Rath and Six Six Ben 10 Ultimate Alien UA Comics and Figures

Here is my look at the Six Six and Rath Version 2 action figures. They are in a 2-pack called "Ben 10 Figures and Comic". These toys are by Bandai America for the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien UA" and were released summer 2010. These are the first wave of Comics and Figures for the show, the other release in the first wave includes Ben and Vilgax

Vilgax and Classic Ben 10 Comics and Figures Ultimate Alien Pack

the Figures and Comics pack featuring Vilgax and Classic Ben Tennyson. From the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien" this toy is by Bandai America.

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