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Monday, March 8, 2010

Have you seen the ‘Ben 10’ shorts?

What…. you don’t know about the Ben 10 shorts.

Hey people! ‘Ben 10′ Shorts is the name of a series, of nearly two minute long videos, which were a part of Cartoon Network’s video hosting service, and were included in the DVDs as extras. The no. of total videos was eight, with each having a unique name and storyline. The very first video was entitled ‘Hijacked’ in which we saw two men trying to hijack the Rustbucket when Grandpa Max was not near. Luckily, Ben was there on the Rustbucket and he dealt with the situation successfully.

nd, the next video entitled, ‘Snack Break’, showed Ben and Gwen trying to get something from the vending machine. The required snack didn’t come out but Ben was ready with his alternative plans. Other videos in the series were Survival Skills, Radio Dazed, Sleepaway Camper, Dogged Pursuit, Let The Games Begin and Handle With Care. You can click here to watch or download Ben 10 episodes and also the above mentioned Ben 10 shorts, if have not watched them yet.

Ben 10 has secured a strong fan base throughout the world, with its innumerous releases. It has entertained people in the form of an animation series; in the form of video games and also in the form of movies. Till date, two movies have been released, based on the show, namely ‘Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix and Ben 10: Race Against Time. The third one, entitled Ben 10: Alien Swarm” is on its way, to be released in November, 2009. All the four seasons of Ben 10 are also available on DVDs.

Well, as of now, the series is being aired as Ben 10: Alien Force and it is really good to see a little grown up Ben fighting the evil, with the help of various superhero avatars that he can assume, using his Omnitrix.


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