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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ben 10 Omniverse Episode 1: Rise of Heroes Confirmed

BEN 10 Omniverse announced the title for Ben 10 Omniverse—Episode 1: Rise of Heroes, the upcoming massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) of Ben 10 on July 7, 2009 . If you are wondering what this game is about, Rise of Heroes is your right place to stay and enjoy! Meanwhile the brand new official web site for the game is available now, where you will find frequently updated information about the game.

Ben 10 Omniverse Team said they will be releasing free content updates (”episodes”) to advance the story every few months

On this update you will find an introduction to the features of Ben 10 Omniverse and the some of the early Alpha screenshots!


Brand New Story Set Between the BEN 10 and BEN 10: Alien Force TV Series

A captivating storyline penned by one of the writers of BEN 10.
Episodic Updates to Keep Players Engaged

Regular free content updates in the form of “Episodes” will advance the story and introduce new zones, quests, features, items, and enemies.

Avatar and Alien DNA Fusion

Venturing through strange and dangerous lands, players will be able to gain new experience and absorb new alien DNA by defeating enemies. The new DNA will allow players to morph into different alien forms and utilize awesome alien powers, just like Ben.

Customizable Hero Skills

A purely skill-based system: players build and customize unique characters by finding and equipping different types of alien DNA.

Player Cooperation Challenges

Teamwork is a must in order to overcome some otherwise impassable areas and defeat the strongest foes.
Multiple PvP Modes

Go head to head against other players in a variety of fast-paced Player versus Player (PvP) game challenges.
Trade with Other Players

Trading allows players to make their characters stronger, more resilient, and unique.

Safe Chat System for Young Players

For the safety and protection of younger players. Ben 10 Omniverse offers an in-game communication system based on emotes and emoticons. A full chat system is also available to older players.

In-Game Item Mall

Players looking for skill boosts and a variety of powerful items for their characters will find them on sale in the Item Mall.
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