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Monday, March 8, 2010

BEN 10: Let’s talk about Heatblast

The list of Ben 10 alien forms is populated with powerful, dangerous and freaky aliens. Alien forms in this animation TV show posses such a wide range of powers that to pen down all these forms in one article would be insufficient and grave injustice to cult fan following of Ben 10. Carrying on with my discussion of alien forms in this TV show today we are going to know finer details about characteristics possessed by Heatblast alien form in Ben 10 series.

As the name implies Heatblast is a demonizing alien form that can control the fire element at will. Heatblast was a Pyronite hailing from star named Pyros. Putting a bit of strain on their mind fans of Ben 10 would remember that this alien form materialized in the episode titled “And Then There Were 10. It was first look into any alien form in Ben 10 TV show, which became known when Ben 10 tampered with the Omnitrix upon it first attaching to him.

Heatblast was a complete master of fire. It was magma based alien form that had the capability to project fire into a broad array of other forms. This ability of this alien form in Ben 10 TV show was complimented by the skill to absorb fire into itself as well. Heatblast possessed great combat capabilities as it could fire streams of flame, create fireballs, and produce tornadoes of flame. He could lift himself from the ground by firing into the ground. This propelled Heatblast to substantial heights in air. In spite of being thrown into buildings the combat abilities of this alien form were not diminished.

There were certain weaknesses attached to this alien form in Ben 10 animation TV series. Heatblast was not able to lower his body temperature to grab anything, obviously his endeavor to grab anything resulted in melting of such things.. Heatblast had no answer if it was attacked by any fire-extinguishing element. This concludes my discussion on another alien form in Ben 10 TV show. I hope that all the finer details have been covered up.. Keep you fingers crossed I will be coming up with detailed discussion of other alien forms shortly. In the meantime, you can download Ben 10 episodes and keep posting your valued comments.


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