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Monday, March 8, 2010

Ben 10 Fourarms

Let me proceed with the description of alien forms in Ben 10 TV show. In this article of mine I am going to acquaint you about “Ben 10’s” most offensive form that is Fourarms. As the name suggests this alien form of Ben 10 television series is associated with having four powerful arms and it is an alien form prevalent in desert planet Khoros. Fourarms imply a Tetramand. Tetra means four in Greek and mand implies”arms” in Latin dialect. This alien form of Ben was mostly seen in the original series. He used this form to blindly rush and attack the enemy, to catch him off guard.

This alien form in” Ben 10″ animation series is both gigantic and possess four-arms and four-eyes. Its skin possesses armored characteristics. This form has been depicted as possessing a great masculine physique, making him possess infinite physical strength. Creating shockwaves simply by pounding the ground or clapping all four of his hands together is a typical example of strength possessed by this alien form of “Ben 10″. This move has been titled as the “Big Smack” His legs are so strong that in a single leap it can move from one city to another. The excess muscle content in the body adds extra bulk into this alien form, thus slowing down the speed of movement of its arms. This makes it very hard for “Ben 10″ to handle things designed for smaller species. Sometimes due to illness and the movement speed the stamina of this alien form depletes.

I hope that all mist of doubt around this alien form of “Ben 10″ has been cleared off. Keep checking this spot as I will be coming up with details about all other alien forms in “Ben 10″ TV series pretty soon. It will be even more exciting to watch this alien form on television screen as you know minutest detail about it. For that you can also download “Ben 10″ episodes from this website.


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