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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ben 10' Episode Summaries

Series in Short

The new and original animated televisions series from Cartoon Network Studios, Ben 10 will begin airing very soon. And as such, many animation fans are anxious to upgrade their Saturday mornings as the network's new two and half hours of programming would submit. Starting early morning on January 14th, 2005 at 9:00am ET; Ben 10 will be working hard alongside programs such as Robotboy (new series), the second season of The Life & Times of Juniper Lee, Zixx (new series, Jan. 21) and Dragon Hunters (new series). A new TV series about a ten-year-old boy, Ben Tennyson, who finds an alien wrist device that allows him to transform into ten different kinds of aliens; Ben 10 (10:00am ET, Jan. 14) is an all new superhero program for a new generation.

Following these short summaries of the series presently listed to take up Cartoon Network's new Saturday morning line-up, is a list of episode descriptions for the first season of Ben 10: Robotboy (9:00am ET) is the story about adolescents growing up, as a powerful android designed by a brilliant Japanese robotologist. Along with a bright eyed and sharp-minded kid named Tommy Turnbull and his two friends, the always decisive Lola and the always hungry Gus, Robot Boy will learn to live with his pen pal Tommy learning live as a robot, with real human emotions. The Life & Times of Juniper Lee (9:30am ET) returns with new episodes as this fantasy series created by Judd Winick offers animation fans more of the smart-mouthed bayside girl as the great protector. Once again forced to walk a tight line and perform a balancing act of her school life and her life as the protector of her hometown, Juniper Lee steps up to the challenge on Saturday mornings.

Zixx (10:30am ET) brings a new flavor to Cartoon Network, seeing that the program is a mix of live-action and computer animation. The series follows some teenagers and their intergalactic fight against evil. A lot of science fiction and adventure are abounding in this new series. Dragon Hunters (11:00am ET) takes place in a time when dragons are a constant menace to villagers everywhere. Lian Chu and Gwizdo call themselves dragon hunters--but not for noble endeavors--and promise any village they travel across that they are more than capable of getting rid of any Borkbacks, Genegenes, Duratonums, or any other fire-breathing monsters. Filled in abundance with action and comedy, this new series hopes to offer animation fans an ever more diverse assortment of adventure.

"And Then There Were Ten": In the very first episode of the animated television series, Ben discovers The Omnitrix Prototype. The ten-year-old has his first test as a hero when Vilgax sends a hoard of Mechadroids to steal The Omnitrix wrist device.

"Washington B.C.": Next, Ben and his alien personas must battle Dr. Animo, a crazed mad scientist bent on revenge. Dr. Anime was once a renown scientist, but recently, he has fallen deep into the pits of rage and despair. And now that the good doctor is armed with a DNA-altering Transmorpher Device, he intends to right whichever so-called wrongs he sees exist.

"The Krakken": Ben encounters a sea monster called a Krakken. Through a series of events, Ben must determine who the real villain is, the Krakken or the evil poacher Jonas and his high-tech deep-water thieves whose motives are rather unclear at first.

"Permanent Retirement": Things hit a little bit closer to home in this episode, as Ben must use his alien heroes to defeat shape-shifting aliens and rescue his matronly aunt and his oft-dependable Grandpa Max.

"Hunted": Ben's situation with the wrist device intensifies as the young man finds himself hunted by three alien bounty hunters. These bounty hunters include the crustacean-like Kraab, the mechanical assassin Sixsix and the mysterious Hoverboard, who have been hired by Vilgax to retrieve The Omnitrix.

"Kevin 11": After an argument with Grandpa Max, Ben goes out on his own and meets Kevin, a mutant with the power to absorb any form of energy. Ben soon realizes however, that Kevin may only be after the powers of The Omnitrix.

"Tourist Trap": Next, our hero Ben Tennyson inadvertently releases mischievous creatures made of electrical energy, he must use his alien hero personas and his own practical joke-loving ideas to recapture them.

"The Alliance": In this episode, after a battle with Fourarms, a gang member winds up merging with some leftover pieces of the Vilgax drones and becomes Rojo--a powerful, cybernetic combination of the two.

"The Last Laugh": Another episode that has Ben dealing with things more personal, Ben must overcome his fear of clowns in order to save his cousin Gwen from a bunch of wicked circus performers.

"Lucky Girl": Ben battles Hexlord, an evil sorcerer whose power emanates from several Mystic Charms, one of which falls into Gwen's possession. After the battle, the charm turns Gwen into her very own superhero, Lucky Girl.

"A Small Problem": When Ben is disallowed the chance to catch a ride on a particular attraction at a water park because he doesn't meet the height requirement, he decides to go "alien" and get even with the ride's attendant.

"Side Effects": When Ben catches a summer cold, the normal symptoms take on strange physical changes in his alien personas. While having to deal with these side effects, Ben must stop a disgusting creature made from a colony of cockroaches.

"Secrets": Much time has passed since Ben had originally discovered The Omnitrix--and as such, the intergalactic pirate Vilgax is fully healed and enhanced from his injuries. Vilgax decides to procure The Omnitrix for himself. Grandpa Max's mysterious past begins to come to light as well, which includes a little personal history with Vilgax that culminates in the final showdown between Vilgax and the combined Tennyson family.


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