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Monday, March 15, 2010

The American series, Ben10: top-drawer of Indians as well

Hey Ben10 buffs out there!

It’s indeed cherishing news that Ben10, after becoming heart-throb of Americans, caught a gravy train in transfusing its magic over Indians as well. Till now, only Americans were beating the drums of flying colors of this, one of the most haunting series, Ben10, but now the Asians, specially Indians have also gone crazy about this chock-full of chromatic colors of animation.

For this grand slam, The Cartoon Network has been considered as major ground, as it escorted the series to all parts of world. However, the immense popularity flashed on India, when along with feasting their eyes on boob tubes for the anime, the Indian viewers also analyzed indulged for Ben10 download.

And keeping in account, cult of fans for the series, the top most telecom companies in India that includes Airtel, Reliance and TATA, have laid in provisions to provide an easy access to Ben10 episodes to their GSM & CDMA customers. It has also been reported that in order to give shape to their project, Rcom has united recently to Cartoon Network channel, which is being operated by Tuner Broadcasting.

In addition to this, the companies have also offered users, the value added service to access many other cartoon characters like Tom & jerry, Powder-puff girls, Johny Bravo, Scooby Doo, on their mobile handset.

Well, it is something really appreciable that in the interim of five years the astounding series has accomplished success across seven seas. Lemme tell you that I am also one among you as being die-hard fan of person of the hour, Ben10. Out of all its series, my fave one is ‘Ben 10: Alien Force’.

Now, I am desperately hanging onto my hat to ogle to the upcoming installment, Ben10: Evolution.

Anyways, you can also have whale of a time like me if you have time on your hands. Click here & watch Ben10 episodes online, it’s the only thing that I do to drift my leisure & make big of my beloved Ben10.


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